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Advanced Therapy-Dog Applications

Pre-requisite: You must have completed our Foundation AAI and Therapy-Dog certification course before enrolling in our Advanced Therapy-Dog Applications Course.

The Advanced course is designed for graduate teams (handler & dog) who wish to extend their theoretical knowledge and practical application skills. It provides a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of the Human-Animal Bond (HAB), and provides a framework in which to understand the how and why of Human-Animal Interaction (HAI). Practical classes include developing an understanding of 'off-lead' reliability, the fundamentals of trick training, and the basics of agility training. At the end of this three-day intensive course, teams will have a greater understanding of how to work together in therapy settings, and have a tool-kit of tricks and ideas to try.

Animal-Assisted Intervention Association Australia Location: Alpha Boarding Kennels, Macclesfield Victoria
Dates: See the application form below
Cost: $850 inc GST

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Upon receiving your application you will receive your booking confirmation via email. This email will also outline our course payment terms, an indemnity contract and a list of pre-course requirements.

Please contact us for more information on our handlers' course.